2019 Quick Singles Champion

Charles Campbell and Ken Sealy
Saturday morning, 8th June, the winners of A-Block & B-Block finally had their day, to determine who should be the 2019 Champion.

It was neck-and-neck the first half of the game, but, together with a well executed jumpshot (jumping two balls), we saw Charles draw ahead to win the title.

Final results, including Block figures are:
Charles: Net points 9, Wins 5
Ken: Net points 3, Wins 4

Champion for 2019 - Golf Quick Singles - CHARLES CAMPBELL

Making it our home ...

Our move to Muller Park saw us gain a new, comfortable and well outfitted club house with a nice undercover at the rear, overlooking the courts.

 The surrounding area was looking a little sad, but this has now been spruced up. Grass has been laid and watered, and our secretary extraordinare, Charles, has used his hidden talent as a gardener, to establish a new garden at the barbeque area on the northern side.
Charles's garden from mid January until mid May 2019

After just 5 months it is already looking very nice and will be a pleasant area to light up a barbeque.

Quick Singles Annual Competition 2019

Saturday 18th May saw our first competition conducted on a synthetic surface. Not only a synthetic surface, but also a faster-than-grass surface, with narrower than usual 'lawns'.

12 eager competitors, divided into two blocks, competed in Round Robin fashion 7-point games. Gold and Silver pins were on offer for each block winner and runner-up.

Block A

Block B
Block A competitors were:

Sandra Burns
Tricia Shanks
Ken Sealy
Liz Beazley
Margaret Lewer
Bev Chapman

Winner (gold):  Ken Sealy
Second (silver):  Tricia Shanks

Block B competitors were:

Charles Campbell
Ingrid Stufano
Max Green
Lillian Wallace
Tim Abbott
Ben Vang

Winner (gold):  Charles Campbell
Second (silver):  Ben Vang

Now there is just the matter of the  play off between the two winners to determine the 2019 Champion. 

Settling in ...

We are slowly but surely settling in at our new home in Brisbane Street, having combined forces with Muller Park Tennis Club, under the banner of "Muller Park Tennis and Croquet Club Inc."
It has been an interesting experience learning to play on a synthetic lawn surface. The faster ball speed on this surface took at little getting used to, but members seem to have adapted well, even daring to play competition.

The tennis courts allowed us to establish two temporary croquet 'lawns', although we had to compromise making our courts narrower in order to fit them in.

The good news is that we are able to establish two brand new, full size croquet lawns on the unused section of the tennis club land. By also utilising the double tennis court we will end up with 3 playing lawns - a good result for our club.

Our new 'lawns' will be synthetic turf, specially produced for playing croquet. We are taking our time to get this right and you will be able to follow our progress on the "Synthetic Lawn Installation" page on this blog.

We are moving ...


It has been all quiet in the blogosphere for some time.  Either there has been nothing to report or there has been nothing that could be reported.

In short, Dubbo City Croquet Club has upped hoops and moved on.  The upping of hoops was not of our doing but the moving on has certainly been done under our own steam.

Members with longer memories than mine will swoop to correct me but my grasp of these matters is as follows.   There are records of croquet being played in Dubbo and against neighbouring towns in the 1890’s, and of croquet being established at the Dubbo City Bowling Club in 1906 with the lawns being laid down in 1908.  The impetus for this effort seems to have been altruistic in that the men bowlers wanted their women-folk to enjoy the same benefits of companionship and sport.

It was not until 1921 that the Croquet Club was formally established as a section of the Bowling Club.  Mrs T. D. Palmer was the inaugural president and held that position for an unbroken thirty-three years.  A clubhouse for croquet was built alongside the bowling club, facing the two courts and looking across Victoria Park to the fountain.   

For almost a century this has been a venue of skilled play, strong friendships and of aesthetic appeal.   Anniversaries have been observed at the usual chronological points as well as – unusually – the ninety-fifth (reported elsewhere, click on the 95th Birthday tab above).

Although we had been looking towards our centennial bash, events beyond our control and definitely beyond our influence – through no lack of our own efforts – have led to our seeking another venue. A number of possibilities were investigated by the executive, with consultation with the club’s membership, over the past year and a half.  Some of these were not suitable, others were strong possibilities but financially beyond our reach, and there were some potential solutions that fell into the “you’re dreaming!” category.

In the meantime and unbeknownst to us, the Muller Park Tennis Club had reached the point of closure.   MPTC is the successor of the Catholic Tennis Club which was established in 1924, and had long been a tower of strength in Dubbo’s considerable tennis community and a pillar of support for oncology services support and – more recently – for Camp Quality (https://www.dailyliberal.com.au/story/5684151/muller-park-tennis-club-raises-thousands-more-for-camp-quality/)  with fifty thousand dollars raised over the years.

After brief negotiations, MPTS voted to include croquet as a sport to be played and promoted at their site in Brisbane Street.

And so it came to pass.

The preparatory work of packing and sorting lead up to the final move on Monday, 10th December, thanks to the efforts of members (some were more able to be involved than others) and Michael of ‘Michael’s Moves’ (https://www.yellowpages.com.au/nsw/dubbo/michaels-moves-1000002082143-listing.html).

2018 Annual Doubles Competition

For weeks now – months even – there has been some odd behaviour around the club.  Dark mutterings. Whispered conversations between only two people.  Appraising stares across the lawns.  Signals.  Covered-mouth conferrings. Strangely recurring pairings in the morning draws for play.

Ominously, a revised list of handicaps was issued.

What tidings?  Portents, undoubtedly, but of what?

Dear reader, it is the season of late frosts, warming days, the promise of a green flush in the lawns, buds a-buzzing and bees a-budding.  It’s spring and that means the Doubles Championships.

Not yet summer but (almost) all have switched to white trews and (almost) all have retained the winter top: it's the Spring Uniform.

Those months of preparations came to their appointed fruition on Saturday, 22nd September.  It is equally true, alas, that for some the preparations ended in abysmal failure but your scribe has enough on his plate without dwelling on the unhappier events in life.

We have noted in past years that Dubbo turns on a special sort of day for important events such as competitions and celebrations of the Dubbo City Croquet Club.  The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will just have to take their chances like everyone else.  (They will be in town on a Wednesday which is not a regular play day, but a practice session is often held late afternoon.  We have spare mallets and the green fee is modest.)

Our Games Captain – the dear man has such a lot to bear – had again meticulously prepared the programme and the first pairs were on the grass by 8:30.

Our lawns usually ring with laughter and comment, encouragement and bonhomie but the tone all day was of quiet intensity and concentration. Quite unnerving.   There was a steady trickle of non-competing members dropping in during the day to watch.

By the end of the afternoon there were three pairs well ahead of the pack.   Don and Pam Day were the winning combination, and second and third places were decided on nett games: Mavis Grant and Beth Stanley, Tom Barclay and novice player Tricia Shanks.

Silver, Gold and Bronze medalists.

Return Visit by Orange Croquet Club.

There is something magic when Dubbo and Orange meet.   The weather is always wonderful, the catering is magnificent and calorie-negative, the play of exceptional standard, and the fellowship warmly sincere and abiding.

The last Wednesday in August was chosen for no other reason than that it suited everyone.  President Ann Snape,  Secretary Rik Mills, Di Drew, Wal Stone, Jenny Sams, Len and Maria Banks, James Myles and Sharon Newton arrived promptly (when will the road works be finished?) and we were soon on the lawns.

The morning's play was organised for mixed partners playing 7-hoop games.  Twenty games were fitted in before lunch (soup, sandwiches and sweets).  After lunch we played twelve 7-hoop games in home club pairs.

Our Club Captain read the entrails and came up with these results:  Dubbo - 5 wins - 34 hoops vs Orange - 4 wins - 29 hoops.