Friendship Games May 2012

Over the week-end of 26th and 27th May we hosted our first major Golf Croquet Event. This was in the form of a Friendship Match between Dubbo, Orange and Young croquet clubs and saw the inauguration of The Western District Challenge Shield.
The format was Golf Croquet Doubles only with each club providing 4 teams. Each club contested each other team and a total of 48 games was played.
Despite threatening rain leading up to the week-end, the weather turned in our favour and we had a fantastic two days of good croquet, good friendship and good food.
The winner was YOUNG CROQUET CLUB being the club with the highest number of wins, namely 21 games our of the 48 - well done and congratulations.
Our good friends from Orange City Croquet Club managed 8 wins. The were one player short and had to borrow one of Dubbo's to make a fourth pair.
Despite this being the first time we have held a competition, and despite playing against some very seasoned competitors, I am very pleased to say that Dubbo did all-right with a total of 19 wins - well done everybody.
The tournament will now become an annual event and rotate between clubs in Western NSW. Young holds the shield for 2012 - who will it be next year?