Annual Birthday Celebration & Competition

On Saturday 28th September we celebrated our 92nd Birthday. The weather was very kind and the participants in good spirit.
Usually we have two competitions, one serious and one with good fun., but due to the lower number of members able to come we decided to hold our 'serious' competition only, which (as last year) is Quick Singles.

Quick Singles is 7-hoop Golf Croquet, with the winner being first to score 4 hoops. Our format is to have an initial draw and round of games. The winners of each game then play each other in Round Robin fashion. The Runners Up also play each other in the same manner.

Once we have an 'ultimate winner' of the 'winners' and an 'ultimate winner' of the 'runners up', the two players then battle it out in the final. This means it is quite possible that the ultimate competition winner can be either the 'winner of the winners' or the 'winner of the runners up'.

This year the medal for First Place went to Tom Barclay and the Runners Up Medal went to Jean Halliwell, seen here above with our Vice-President  Mavis Grant.
Congratulations to you both and thank you to all other participants.