Quick Singles Spring Carnival 2014

Saturday 18th October turned out a magnificent day with 20 eager members ready and eager to compete in our annual Quick Singles Carnival.
This competition gives everyone a chance to test out their skills and to use their newly adjusted handicaps in some hectic Round Robin style 6-hoop games.
With 20 participants we divided players into 4 groups, giving each group member 4 games.
The 3 highest scoring members from groups A and B then played off, as did the 3 highest scoring members of groups C and D.
The winners from each of these two blocks the went on to play off in the final, in a full 12 hoop game, giving us an overall winner and runner up.
The medal winners are from left to right:
Jean Halliwell (1st Block B), Helen Stewart (1st Block A), Lillian Wallace (2nd Block A and also 1st in the Final), Dot O'Mally 2nd Block B), Tom Barclay (2nd in the Final).
Congratulations to all winners and a big thank you to all participants.