2015 Autumn Doubles Carnival

Our 2015 Autumn Doubles Carnival was a great success. This year we had 16 eager members participating in the Round Robin competition. Here they are - ready to start:
For the first time, handicaps were in use for the Doubles Competition. To ensure the fairest possible competition we divided the participants into two groups for the purpose of drawing partners. The tags of the 8 members with the highest index / lowest handicap were placed in a box, and one by one the remaining 8 participants drew out their partner for the entire competition.

The competitors got to play a total of 7 games, all 13 point games. By the end of day one, we had played all but 5 of the 49 games. We met again early Sunday morning to finish off. In the end we had a clear 1st place pair, but 2nd and 3rd were even. This resulted in a play-off, and by around lunch time we had the proud medal winners for 2015:

From left to right -
2nd place Wendy & Chris - 1st place Tom & Ingrid - 3rd place Jenny & Jean
Of course, without the effort of background members, such carnivals and competitions would not happen.

To sustain the well being of everybody, Jean Halliwell worked tirelessly in the kitchen, serving everybody sandwiches, cakes, coffee and tea. As usual the ladies had provided many delicious cakes.

The competition and score recording was in the hands of Ben Vang, the Club Captain.

Well, that's it for Doubles for another year. Our next competition event will be Singles in September. Please all, sharpen your mallets and get ready.