AGM June 2015

The AGM is over for another year and a new committee has been installed.

Our new President, Peter Heywood, paid tribute to the outgoing President Beth Stanley who has been at the helm for the last 3 years. During her term the club has seen many changes and an increased membership and we thank her sincerely for all the hard work put into the running of the club.

The members were a little subdued having learned that Beth's husband, Peter, was killed in a motoring accident the previous week. The members were deeply saddened by this news and extend their condolences and sympathy to Beth and her family. We hope to see you back with us soon.

It is tradition to hold a social event following the AGM and this your was no exception. Three games were arranged by the Captain: Peg-out Pairs (a modified version of Hurry Scurry) which is always popular; Roquet, Hoop & Peg-out really tested members skills - two members compete from opposite corners and must roquet a ball through a hoop on the other side and then peg out - first to peg out wins;  The final one was The Hooping Challenge where 4 balls are placed on the border line and another 4 at the half way point, the outer balls at 45 degree angle to hoop 5 and the others at equal distance in between. Points are scored for hoop runs and peels.
All games were knock-out and continued until we had a winner and a runner up.

The also welcomes our new Secretary, Jenny Brown, who takes over the onerous task from Peter. Jenny will have the assistance of Liz Beazley, who was elected Assistant Secretary.

Other elected members are:
Tom Barclay as Vice-President
Wendy Collins continues as our Treasurer
Lilla Logan as Assistant Treasurer
Ben Vang continues as Games Captain
Jean Blight as Assistant Captain
Elizabeth Allen will take care of publicity (see last line)
and the very important position as club caterer remains with Jean Halliwell, without whom we would be without coffee, tea and sustenance.

We were VERY happy with recent publicity in the Daily Liberal. It is well worth a look.