2015 Singles Carnival 26th September

Chris Dalitz - Champion 2015
Our annual Golf Croquet Singles Carnival and Championship competition was held Saturday 26th September.

We had a total of 16 players turn up bright and early to competed in a total of 48 Round Robin Handicap games.

Players were divided into two blocks (A and B) according to the index and handicap scale. The results show that our club handicap recording (since January 2015) is finally paying dividend and fairly accurately reflects individual skill level.

The 2015 Champion was decided by a Best-of-Three play-off, between the winners of each block, Chris and Ben.
By late afternoon Chris Dalitz emerged as the Champion of the 2015 Golf Croquet Singles tournament.
Congratulations to Chris. We look forward to contesting you at next years competition.

The winner of Block A was Chris Dalitz, Geurie
and the Runner Up was Tom Barclay, Trangie

The winner of Block B was Ben Vang, Dubbo
and the Runner Up was Wendy Collins, Dubbo

Tom Barclay - 2nd A-block, Ben Vang - 1st B-block, Wendy Collins - 2nd B-block
Our President, Peter Heywood, did the honours handing out medals and trophy to winners and runners up.