2016 Club Doubles Competition - results

 Saturday 19th March 2016 saw 16 eager players turn up bright and early to compete in our annual Autumn Doubles Competition. The day before, Friday, came with rain and cold winds, and around 5pm, when Ben and Chris came down to the club to do some preparation, the sky looked quite ominous. But, after a stern talk with the weather gods the sky cleared and we were all set for next morning.

The club has been fortunate to attract a number of new members over the last several months, and it was very pleasing to see that they were not afraid of a challenge, putting their names down for the competition. Well done to Charles, Max, Pam, Don, and Pippa for being in it.
Tom Barclay, Annie Keyte, Beth Stanley, Elizabeth Allen being congratulated
by Club Captain and organiser Ben Vang
As usual, the competition is run in Round Robin style, meaning that everybody got to play seven games each.
By around 4 pm, after some great action, we had a batch of exhausted,  but never-the-less happy players, satisfied with their efforts.

The winners of the 2016 Golf Croquet Doubles competition were:
Beth Stanley & Elizabeth Allen with a perfect 7 wins.
The Runners Up, with 5 wins, were Tom Barclay & Annie Keyte.