Autumn Singles Carnival Competitions

The weather couldn't have been better and it was a great two days of competition. This year we competed in two divisions namely H/C 12 to 9 and H/C 8 to 2.
As usual this was a Round-Robin format competition giving everybody an even chance.
It was especially pleasing to see some of our 1st year new players entering the competition, and it appeared to give them a taste for more. 

In H/C 12 to 9 we had 6 competitors, giving 5 games each, but in the H/C 8 to 2 we had 14 competitors. This meant dividing players into two blocks, each getting 6 games. Fortunately we were able to start the first block players on the Saturday managing to complete half the games, with the rest played Sunday morning followed by all of the second block games.

A play-off between the winners of the two blocks gave us a final result. The winners and runners up are pictured below with our President, Peter Heywood doing the presentations.

Congratulations to all and thank you for a great competition.

Charles Campbell, winner of H/C 12-9 competition,
receiving the 1st prize Trophy.
Liz Beazley, Runner Up of H/C 12-9 competiton,
receiving the 2nd Prize Certificate.
Tom Barclay, Winner of H/C 8-2 competition,
receiving the 1st Trophy
Pam Day, Runner Up of H/C 8-2 competition,
receiving the 2nd Prize Certificate.