Annual General Meeting

The club’s annual general meeting was held on Saturday, 30th June with a large number of members in attendance.  As practiced hands at this sort of thing, business was dealt with expeditiously and office bearers were confirmed in their positions – Jenny Brown, Charles Campbell and Peter Heywood continue as President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively.  Liz Beazley replaces Jean Blight as Assistant Games Captain and we thank Jean for her involvement and contribution in that position over the years.  Margaret Sheridan takes on the role of Publicity Officer.

Presentations were made to winners of the All Year Golf Croquet Singles: Peter Heywood (Round 2) and Ben Vang (Final), and the runners-up: Del Heywood (Round 2) and Max Green (Final).

A special acknowledgement award was made to Bev Chapman for her perseverance and participation in competitive play, sportsmanship and overall contribution to the Club in numerous small ways.

The quarterly business meeting followed the presentations.  Players were encouraged to make the most of their green fees by playing before and after morning tea.  It was also pointed out that one can sleep in on cold mornings and come down to the club at morning tea time when the temperature is kinder.  

The meeting agreed that we will hold a training session on the fourth Thursday of each month, beginning after lunch.   The format will include provision for beginners and enquirers.