The annual general meeting. 

The AGM was well attended, albeit a week or two later than usual (the usual culprit).  President Tricia highlighted the considerable achievements of the year, Peter presented an outstanding Treasurer's report, and Ben outlined the playing and competition arrangements for the coming year which includes a resumption of interclub visits.  

The committee for the coming year is:

President:           Tricia Shanks

Vice President    Kate Colwell

Secretary            Charles Campbell

Treasurer            Lillian Wallace

Members            Pam Day,  Bruce Seddon, Don Day

100 Years of Croquet

 In September 2021 we celebrate our 100th birthday. Croquet has been played continuesly sine 1921 - for the first 98 years at the same address, and now on our new and better location at Muller Park in Brisbane Street.

We have quite a program planned for September, including open days. Information will appear on these pages soon.


Put your thinking caps on. 

Who would spend two hours laying out, measuring, trimming, aligning, fiddling with more than a hundred ties, all while bending, crouching and kneeling?  Now, can you think of five people who would do that?


Stand up, please, Andrew Jay, Graham Bender, Alan Brown, Bryan Smith and Bruce Seddon for screening the boundary fence on Park Street.  This is intended to give a measure of control over blow-in debris and the intrusion of those irksome pebbles.


Thank you, gentlemen.  Clearly it was an onerous job and one that was done with meticulous attention to detail.


And – there’s no way to segue this easily – Sunday afternoon/evening play is gaining in popularity.  Play starts at 4:00 p.m. following a draw at 3:50.  Working back from those deadlines, expect to be at the club in good time to ensure your participation.


Wednesday evening beginners’ sessions, coaching and practice continues to start at 7:00 p.m. for the time being.  When winter wends its wily way, we’ll wonder when and whether.

Bede Sheridan


Of all the things that can be said about Bede, two things stand out:  he was a thorough gentleman in all his dealings, and he was a standout example of the health and social benefits of croquet.

When he started playing in 2018 an hour’s training and practice really tested his stamina and patience, but the intriguing challenges of the game had snared him.  Bede, who had never played any sport, developed an idiosyncratic technique that almost defied analysis and mislead many an unsuspecting opponent. Within months of starting, a morning’s play wasn’t enough and he would have happily played all day, every day.

Bede was a valuable contributor to the work involved in maintaining and developing the Club’s new site in Brisbane Street.

We were the better for his presence and will be diminished by his passing.  

Official opening of synthetic courts

 Saturday 19th September 2020 - the official opening of our new synthetic surface courts was performed by our local MP Mr Dugal Saunders together with our President Tricial Shanks.

The opening ceremony was followed by a light luncheon after which members took to the new lawns to properly christen them.

See more pictures in our September Newsletter by clicking the link on the right side.

Vale, Max Green.

“I came second!” was the invariable and good-natured answer when asked, on returning to the club house, “How did you play today, Max?”

Max came to croquet later in life and quickly developed into a very capable player.  A working life of organising harvests and mustering large flocks of sheep prepared him to take control of one small ball.  A courteous and quietly humorous gentleman, he was as popular an opponent as a playing partner.

His last appearance on the courts was at the inaugural hit-off on the newly completed synthetic courts.  A representation of club members were proud to accord Max a guard of honour at his funeral at the request of Max’s wife, Margaret, to whom we offer our condolences

Not second, Max.  As a club member, player and friend, you’re a first.

9am Tuesday 30th June 2020

Congratulation to us all. The new synthetic courts are ready and at precisely 9am everybody christened the first lawn (to be known as court 3) by each hitting a ball into the centre.

All balls were marked and the closest to the centre peg received a small prize.

The hoops sit firmly in their bases, with NO noticeable movement.
The benefit of this was immediately evident. With a properly hit ball there is no deflection due to hoop wobble, but the ball neatly continues on its way, spinning itself through the hoop.
 The ALL IMPORTANT test, according to Tom, was whether you could do a jump shot on the new surface.
This, I am happy to report, is the case. With no hesitation and a few tests, Tom proved that Jump Shots are indeed possible.